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This is the Sound Studies Group at the SUSTech School of Design, Shenzhen. It is led by Dr. Qiushi Xu and Dr. Marcel Zaes Sagesser. Our research focuses on sound in relationship with technology, the environment, and human listening. It includes sound studies, philosophy of science and technology, HCI, and creative arts production. The output of this team is published in prestigious international journals, at domestic and international conferences, and at international art exhibitions as well as concert venues.

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Zhen Wu

Zhen Wu (Yoyo) is a researcher, designer and new media artist interested in playful interaction, sensorial interfaces, and designing immersive experiences, especially involving sound and music. She is currently a Ph.D. student at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Division of Integrative Systems and Design. Before coming to HKUST, Zhen was an Industrial Design student focusing on interaction design and Human-Computer-Interaction. Her current projects focus on digital instrument design and sound-based narrative VR experiences.

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