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This is the Sound Studies Group at the SUSTech School of Design, Shenzhen. It is led by Dr. Qiushi Xu and Dr. Marcel Zaes Sagesser. Our research focuses on sound in relationship with technology, the environment, and human listening. It includes sound technology, sound studies, Human Computer Interaction (HCI), sound design, philosophy of science and technology, spatial audio, interactive audio, and creative media. The output of this team is published in prestigious international journals, at domestic and international conferences, and at international exhibitions and concert halls.

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Minghim Tong

Minghim Tong is a Shenzhen based musician, sound artist, and researcher, who enjoys designing modular sets with a digital brain and an analog heart. His interests include improvisation, music production, and audio engineering. The main creative fields he has dabbled in include experimental/avant-garde, field recording, and sound art. After receiving his master's degree from NYU’s Music Technology Department, he participated in the underground/experimental music scene in New York and Shenzhen as a synthesizer musician, and produced and mixed music for independent productions. Concurrently, he is actively involved in creating sound works in a variety of settings, including new media art, academic research and modern dance.
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